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SATREPS Open Forum on Visual Rating (VR) method was held at PWD Auditorium at Dhaka

SATREPS open forum on "Visual Rating (VR) method for seismic evaluation of existing RC building with masonry-infill" was held at Public Works Department (PWD) auditorium at Dhaka on Monday, August the 13th, 2018. The open forum consisted of two parts: First, discussion on development and application of VR method; Second, application of VR method on an existing building and discussion on results after survey.

The topics of discussion in the forum were theoretical background, development and application of VR method. After presentation, participants applied the VR method on existing buildings near the PWD auditorium. Participants actively joined at the forum and applied the VR method on existing building. Open discussion were also held after the application of the method. Some valuable suggestions and comments were made by the participants which will be helpful for upgrading the method.

The open forum was chaired by Engr. Md Abdul Malek Sikder, Senior consultant of SATREPS-TSUIB project.

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