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Working Group 4 Meets with the Community Members of Their Study Area

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Working Group 4 leader Dr. Michio Ubaura and member Ms. Sangita Das visited their study areas in Dhaka on August 9th and 10th and exchanged views with the residents of those communities.

On August 9th, they visited the Community office of East Tejturibazar in Tejgaon, where they met and talked to the General Secretary. Officers of SEEDS Asia, a renowned NGO and collaborator of WG4, who introduced the community to the group, were present. The meeting was also attended by Junior Research Consultants Mr. Jobaer and Ms. Farjana, who assisted with the surveys conducted in this area.

Meeting at the Community office of East Tejturibazar on August 9th

On August 10th they visited the Mainarbag area of Badda, where they discussed various issues with the representatives and senior members of the community. Officers of SEEDS Asia, Junior Consultants, and some members of Working Group 2, who have been researching on building assessment method, were present.

At the Community office of Mainarbag on August 10th

Ms. Das has conducted surveys in these communities on behalf of Group 4 from May through July this year. The surveys aimed at understanding the general awareness of building safety and willingness for safety measures.

After the meetings they walked around both the areas to obtain an understanding of the situation.

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