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A virtual seminar for the provisional draft of seismic retrofit guidelines was held.

On 30th October, 2021, a virtual seminar for the provisional draft of seismic retrofit guidelines (Technical Guidelines for Seismic Retrofit of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Bangladesh for Extended Application of BSPP Seismic Retrofit Manual) developed by the SATREPS-TSUIB project was held using Zoom. The presentations are now available from this page.

This virtual seminar is to disseminate one of the outcomes of this project. University professors invited from outside of this project gave fruitful comments for this guidelines.

  • Agenda of the virtual seminar is available from below.

Download PDF • 440KB

  • Soft copy of the provisional draft of the guidelines are available from below.

WG3 Guideline provisional draft
Download PDF • 6.76MB

1. Opening address by Md. Ashraful Alam, Director General of Housing and Building Research Institute and Project Director, SATREPS-TSUIB Project.

2. Introduction to SATREPS/TSUIB Project by Yoshiaki Nakano, Professor, The University of Tokyo.

3. Introduction to PWD Seismic Retrofit Manual prepared under CNCRP/BSPP project by Md Rafiqul Islam, Superintending Engineer, Public Works Department.

4.Framework of SATREPS-TSUIB Retrofit Guideline by Yasushi Sanada, Professor, Osaka University.

5. Section 3.1: Exterior beam-column joint by Murshalin Ahmed, Osaka University.

6. Section 3.2: Flat plate-column joint by Susumu Takahashi, Associate Professor, Daido University.

7. Section 6.2: Flat Plate structure by Samdani HM Golam, Osaka University.

8. Section 3.3: Masonry Infill wall by Debasish Sen, Assitant Professor, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology.

9. Chapter 4: Post Installed Bonded Anchor by Nandita Saha, Lecturer, University of Asia Pacific.

10. Section 6.1: Moment resisting frame structure by Murshalin Ahmed, Osaka University.

11. Section 3.4: Column Jacketing using CFRP by Kazuto Matsukawa, Research Associate, The University of Tokyo.

12. Closing Remarks by Yoshiaki Nakano, Professor, The University of Tokyo and Team Leader (Japan side), SATREPS-TSUIB Project.

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